A Center Back has been signed!


A tall one

no no this is real life

FC Barcelona’s last Center back signing…

Gerard Pique 27 May 2008image

6 years and 57 days later.. 

FC Barcelona and València CF have reached agreement for the transfer of the French player, Jérémy Mathieu.”


Welcome to FC Barcelona Jérémy Mathieu!

Alphabet - B (Futbol Club Barcelona)

”I never dreamt of becoming Barcelona’s all-time top goalscorer. I’ve always wanted to return all Barcelona gave me. Proud to be part of club’s history. I owe everything to Barcelona.”

Happy birthday, Dan! (born July 23rd, 1989)

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How are we feeling about that?

for shinka

fuckyeahfightlock asked:
. . .but let's not forget that as John's best man, Sherlock was with him in that last hour before the ceremony, just the two of them, as John repeatedly checked his hair in the mirror, tugged at his waistcoat, paced back and forth, and asked Sherlock over and over if he was sure he had the rings, now and then giving Sherlock a tight little smile that said, "I'm so glad you're here for me; what would I do without you?" And Sherlock just smiled back at him and told him it was all going to be fine.


One day years from now, when tumblr has turned to dust and you think you’re safe and all of this is but a half-forgotten memory, you will open the door and I will be there and you will know that it is because of this that I have come for you


Happy Batman Day!


"Everybody gets Fili and Kili wrong."